tulips, eh Oh my goodness, winter in mid-April?

Can't you hear Gomer Pile saying "Surprise, surprise!" The recent ice storm has caused havoc, with tree limbs and branches falling, or in some cases entire trees falling completely. Many of our customers will require extra efforts while we attempt the spring clean up at your property. In the event that time needed to gather up tree debris exceeds the normal spring clean up, we will have to add a surcharge to the already quoted clean up price from your renewal. Should your property have large limbs down and require the assistance of an arborist or tree company, please let us know and we can provide some local tree service companies for you. If we have already provided the spring clean up before the storm and the debris is negligible, we can clean up during the first week of grass cutting (week of April 30th). Thank you for your understanding during this time.

As a thank you to our continued customer loyality we at Terra did not charge extra for the snow clearing service that was provided for you during this post-contract time!