Welcome to Terra Landscaping

We have been providing landscape maintenance services to the Don Mills/Central North York areas for almost 40 years! We are a fully insured, dependable, friendly, owner operated business.

Whether it’s weekly property maintenance, planting, pruning or snow plowing, we have been the ‘go to choice’ in the area since 1984!

Lawn & Garden Care

We offer a complete range of weekly lawn maintenance services such as: Weekly lawn cutting, spring and fall clean ups, detailed garden care. Our service area allows us to offer…

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We take great pride in selecting and installing the appropriate plants/flowers for your garden. Always providing the right choice that will benefit your location is our promise to you the…

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We have experienced friendly professionals when it comes to pruning hedges, shrubs, small trees. Only pruning at the appropriate times to optimize flowering and general health of the plant.  

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Interlock Repair and Sodding

Our interlock repair and sodding crew are a cut above the rest! Patios, walkways and driveways often become rutted and uneven over time, and can look unsightly with gaps that…

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Latest News & Tips

Watering your lawn

As the company that takes care of your lawn, Terra makes sure it is properly mowed and can also provide aeration and fertilization to promote healthy turf. But one of…

Pruning Tips

It is important to prune your shrubs and trees to promote overall health, flowering, and a pleasing appearance. Each variety of plant has particular pruning requirements, however, such as the…

Controlling insects

Dealing with Grubs Several species of grubs can quickly become a problem for your lawn. They are most often the larvae stage of the May or June beetle. These larvae…