Watering your lawn

As the company that takes care of your lawn, Terra makes sure it is properly mowed and can also provide aeration and fertilization to promote healthy turf. But one of the most important maintenance practices is also the most basic– watering. We have to rely upon you to properly water your lawn if you wish to take full advantage of our services. We provide some basic rules to follow below.


Make sure your lawn gets enough water

During cool weather, your lawn needs little watering, but your lawn should receive roughly 1 to 1 inches of water per week during the hottest and driest months. It is important that you irrigate to a soil depth of at least 6 inches so that deep root growth is promoted.

The most common watering error is too little irrigation. Too little water often encourages a multitude of problems, such as fungus growth and shallow turf roots. Keep in mind that light showers or short downpours merely wet the lawn surface–most of the water is lost in runoff before it can soak into the roots.

Another factor to consider is the quality of your soil. Water can reach the roots far easier in turf growing in sandy soil than turf growing in clay soil.


Water in the early morning, if possible

By far the best time to irrigate your lawn is early morning. Midday watering, when the weather is hot and dry, tends to waste water due to excessive evaporation. Try to avoid late afternoon or evening irrigation–your lawn may stay wet all night, promoting the development of diseases. However, do not avoid watering in the afternoon or evening if it is the only time you can water.

Heavy clay soil can prevent the required amount of water reaching the roots in one watering session. If your lawn grows in this kind of soil, we recommend frequent waterings.